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comprises a multinational team and service network, active in global markets since 1987 supporting a large number of discerning customers.
The company offers varied services and assists clients in the following fields - Design, Development, Production, Marketing, Coordination, Research and Consulting.

Main targets and departments are -
An international initiative to promote global Happiness - Good Rose Organization
International Press & News Agency - Mister Media
Hotel Amenities & supplies - Sabbaba Eruah
Bicycler & Biker - wear & equipment - Avzarion & Blade Motion
And other service facilities

is active in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and more) since 1987,
with a long track-record of large successful transactions built on superb relationships
with Asian partners.

branch offices are located in Cologne, Tel Aviv and London.
International customers receive effective, friendly service at reasonable rates.

For information about our services and products please contact us.
We shall be glad to assist you.

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